Suleiman Bouhata

Suleiman Bouhata

Muay Thai & MMA


About Coach

Hi everyone, I'm Suleiman a professional MMA fighter and coach. When I was younger I was full of energy which lead me to start practicing Karate. After this experience I never stopped practicing all types of combat sports. I've been training in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu for over 15 years now.

Originally from France I competed in many amateur fights all throughout the country. After turning professional my career has taken me to many countries including Russia, Poland, Finland, and England. I've fought in different European events such as Cage Warriors, 100% Fight, and ACB. I've held World Champion belts in GFA and HFC, while competing across 4 different weight categories.

Throughout my career I've coached many group classes and individuals in gyms throughout Europe. Along the way, I've had the opportunity to train alongside several UFC fighters, some becoming close friends who've helped me during my own preparations.

My philosophy at the gym is to have fun. Whether you're here to learn something new, for fitness, or to compete, my goal is to make every session enjoyable for you. Throughout all of this I am continuing to train and compete as a professional to ensure I can show the reality of what I teach in the gym.

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