Aiden Brook

Aiden Brook

Sports Performance

Lifetime Best:

Squat - 495 lbs
Deadlift - 545lbs
Power Clean - 315 lbs
40-yard dash - 4.42 seconds
Pushups - 101 (consecutive)


  1. Graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a specification in Strength and Conditioning.
  2. Played professional baseball in California (Pecos League)
  3. Played rugby competitively in Fiji (wild experience)
  4. Passed the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam which is only obtained by having a 4 year degree in Exercise Science.

About Coach

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), known for my calves, mustache, and science-based training methods to improve performance by training like an athlete.

My journey began with a degree in exercise science where I played college baseball in the United States, which laid the foundation for my athletic career. Transitioning into a successful professional baseball career in California and later traveled to Fiji and played competitive rugby for 3 months (one of the craziest experiences of my life). I've come to understand the significance of training like an athlete to excel in any sport. I prioritize athletics-based training methods and comprehensive science-based programming to improve performance.

A huge influence on my desire to continue to perform at a high level is my younger brother, currently crushing it as a professional volleyball player in Sweden. I am not saying my training programs are the only reason he has been able to perform at such a high level, but YOU could? Kidding, of course, my little brother has a work ethic like no other and if you have that, a training program only gives you an edge and doesn’t get you the opportunity, that he did for himself. Our shared dedication to training and competition continues to fuel my passion for science-based decisions and helping our bodies do things we didn’t think they could.

My goal is to utilize my extensive athletic background and CSCS credentials to work with dedicated teams and individuals who appreciate educated, science-based decisions that lead to consistent performance enhancements. My focus revolves around training like an athlete, and as cheesy as it sounds that is what makes training FUN!

My commitment to refining human performance comes from a genuine curiosity and fascination with how everybody responds differently to “stress”, it is just a plus that it might include bicep curls ha!

Turning Point

I always thought confidence and high-level skill were something that was built when you were a kid, and you had it or you didn’t… after 26 years of my life (not claiming to know it all) BUT I can confidently say that is VERY WRONG.

I went to university in the States on a baseball scholarship to obtain my strength and conditioning degree and I was coined a “defensive” player, and defensively I was about as confident as you could get… debatably cocky ha! But when I got a bat in my hands and went up to the plate that confidence dissipated because I couldn’t hit a beach ball… And when I got to the States it got worse. So I was fortunate enough to have a coach who helped me break my swing down and show me what I needed to improve my offense (hitting) and it took 2 full years … 2 full years spent focusing on improving performance, which is only possible with the right plan while consistently showing up.

This turned into me going to California and playing professional baseball, I owe my baseball career to my coach and the consistency. This is where I recognized the importance of two things:

1. Good coaching (with science-based decisions and experience)
2. How far proper training can take youI hope to help others overcome obstacles and get them to the level of performance they have only dreamed of.

Motivation & Passion

I appreciate working with teams and individuals that have 3 core morals:

1. Respect
2. Dedication
3. Hard work

I respect anyone willing to walk into a gym and admit that they don't know it all and want some guidance. Sometimes it is the right thing to have someone push you rather than doing it yourself.

I do not do my own programming, I have other professionals do it because not only will they push me but they will keep me accountable when I don't want to do anything but sit on the couch and play with my puppy dog (named Moose).

If it were easy, everyone would do it. You are reading this so you have already taken a step toward not being "everyone".