Jackie Zhao

Jackie Zhao

Muay Thai Coach


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I’ve been training martial-arts almost all my life, it’s a crucial part of my life. From my home sport Mongolian Wrestling to Muay Thai - for 25 years it has been a fantastic experience in my life. I started to learn Muay Thai when I watched K1 World Max of Buakaw, then I fell in love with this sport. I started training Muay Thai in 2011. I’ve been teaching Muay Thai since 2013 and fighting professional Muay Thai since 2015. Muay Thai is a 8-limbs standing martial-arts, double fists, elbows, kicks, knees. Muay Thai is a high public participation sport, easy to start for everyone. I’ve been teaching different people in different ages in different levels. It’s also a fun sport with team works and focusing on self-training. People love the sport when they train it, I have always believed in a saying: “Don't be afraid of addiction, just be afraid of not being addicted enough.”This motto continues to accompany me.

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